TheSquashPHD “Josh Stokell” Cystic Fibrosis Tribute

Well before we start this if you have not watched this Tribute to Josh Stokell go ahead and watch it .  The video was put together by B Schoolio go give him some props on the video. This video was put together to honor  Josh Stokell aka”The Squash PHD” a member of Dads of Destiny.

To get things started here is an excerpt from “At midnight June 26th 2015 we began a 48 hour stream to honor a member of our community and to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, we gained the support of many streamers and members of the gaming community to put on this event. What we witnessed over the course of those 48 hours has left us beyond speechless. We watched our community and the larger gaming community pull together and support this amazing cause in ways that we could never have imagined. It was our honor to organize this event to remember Joshua Stokell and raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis.”   See below just a short list of all that attended.

Time (EST) Streamers’ Name Clan/Affiliation
12am-1am CallM3Doctor DoD
1am-2am xxxSCOOPxx DoD Legion
2am-3am TwoLoudtx AimAssist
3am-4am Viva_la_pwn Invigorate
4am-5am Jake Whitco/Rufio_Rufio Wrestlethon
5am-6am jimsayshi DoD X1 Euro
6am-7am Xx3126NuggetxX DoD Eclipse Evolved Over 9000
7am-8am Daguyaboveyou DoD West Coast
8am-9am Zombwie DoD Iron Orange
9am-10am RogueBishop DoD Beyond
10am-11am xxbowdenxx DoD Foxtrot
11am-12pm Rigel DoD Uprising
12pm-1pm Compound27 GTL Outlaws
1pm-2pm Safe Gamers Dames of Destiny
2pm-3pm N64Josh LootCave
3pm-4pm N64Josh LootCave
4pm-5pm The Cryptarch MLG
5pm-6pm The Cryptarch MLG
6pm-7pm RavnusLock Destiny PPG
7pm-8pm Mesa Sean Mesa Sean
8pm-9pm Mesa Sean Mesa Sean
9pm-10pm Cozmo Reddit
10pm-11pm Cozmo Reddit
11pm-12am T.W.R.S. Kevin T.W.R.S.
12am-1am T.W.R.S. Kevin T.W.R.S.
1am-2am Safe Gamers Dames of Destiny
2am-3am Safe Gamers Dames of Destiny
3am-4am Michael Fight Rezolute Gaming
4am-5am Michael Fight Rezolute Gaming
5am-6am Michael Fight Rezolute Gaming
6am-7am Yogizilla Yogizilla
7am-8am T.W.R.S. Rob T.W.R.S.
8am-9am T.W.R.S. Rob T.W.R.S.
9am-10am Dexbot Dexbot
10am-11am Dexbot Dexbot
11am-12pm T.W.R.S. Rob T.W.R.S.
12pm-1pm Guardian Radio Guardian Radio
1pm-2pm Guardian Radio Guardian Radio
2pm-3pm Triplewreck Triplewreck
3pm-4pm Dames of Destiny Dames of Destiny
4pm-5pm Dames of Destiny Dames of Destiny
5pm-6pm Dames of Destiny Dames of Destiny
6pm-7pm PopeBear Planet Destiny
7pm-8pm PopeBear Planet Destiny
8pm-9pm Tinkkz AimAssist
9pm-10pm DoD DoD
10pm-11pm Raid Team 6 DoD Legion
11pm-12am Raid Team 6 DoD Legion

And this didn’t even include persons like @gothalion, @Probroman, Datto, and many Many others that stopped in showed their support by repping us in their channel, Hosting us, practically bring down our stream by sending in thousands of of their followers, putting our charity links on their pages and so much more that I can’t even get into it.  If you missed it you missed an important part in Destiny community history.

I personally had the pleasure of holding down an hour of this event, in the morning hours of Saturday and I have to say I got choked up by learning about Josh, and his not gonna give up attitude.  I learned that Josh attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he studied Cystic Fibrosis hoping to make a difference in the lives of other CF patients after earning his PhD in Microbiology in May of 2013.

I mean lots of people from all over the interwebs stopped by for the chance to win the elusive Blacksmith shaders that Bungie had donated to DOD for this event.  But many stayed and shared their hearts, experiences, and time with us to learn more about Josh, and CF.  Lots of questions were asked and alot of clarity was introduced in to peoples lives.

As the Hours went on and Destiny Streamers like Triplewreck, The Worst Radio show, Planet Destiny and many more (you can check out some of their links above).  We saw a community bond, cry, laugh together, and raise over $12,000.00 in this event. Their were more emotions expressed here than I had ever seen any any other game that I have ever played.

Here is what Josh’s Girl Friend had to say “I have been watching and reading the majority of this event stream since it started. I just want to say thank you to everyone who participated to make this charity event happen – all the moderators, streamers and donors. The passion of Josh’s life was CF research and awareness and you all honored him by doing that through this stream. I don’t know a lot of you but I am forever grateful to each and every person who contributed in any way. I also want to say that I was not into video games ever but my respect for the gaming community has increased immensely because of your love and support. Josh would be so proud and humbled. He is living through the awareness which you all spread and through the love and respect of the gaming community. He is a legend, an inspiration and a guardian. love him forever and love you all. I will be here till the stream closes but may not have the courage to type much without him sitting next to me.”

I know that there are talks about doing something like this possibly annually.  This is what makes this community great.  I am glad that our community can come together like this and share these moments and spread the word out like a wildfire spring up the middle of a drought stricken forest.

Well in closing here are a few links  pass them along and check them out.  Just because this Tribute event is over doesn’t mean it needs to stop here.

Please also look at these to learn more about Cystic Fibrosis and Josh Stokell. Just because the charity event is over does not mean that we should ever forget this amazing man and his battle with the disease. Again, thank you for your continuing, unwavering support.  Lets continue the Train.

CFF.Org: … ribute=331

Hell who actually reads any of this.

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Loyalty to Current Fan Base in Games

So of course if you’re reading this you have most likely heard about the exchange between Tom Philips w/ Eurogamer and Luke Smith with Bungie if you haven’t I encourage you to read the article above.

So in summing it up Destiny is releasing the new expansion that we were all drooling over, and what they are going to be charging for it, as well as defending their pricing. So lets lay it out.

Digital Download give you the following for $39.99:

  • The Taken King
  • As a thank you to our most loyal fans, you will receive a commemorative Founder’s Fortune Year 1 Emblem, Sparrow, Armor Shader, and more at launch with your purchase of The Taken King

The Taken King- Legendary Edition for $59.99:

  • Base Game
  • Both Expansions (The Dark Below, The House of Wolves)
  • The Taken King
  • Can also get the VIP Awards mentioned above.

The Digital Collectors Edition $79.99

  • everything above
  • 3x Class specific Emotes
  • 3x Armor Shaders
  • 3 exotic Class Items with XP Bonuses

The Collectors Edition $79.99

  • everything above
  • Collector’s Edition Steel book case
  • Modified Treasure Island Book with intro Letter from Cayde-6
  • Cayde-6’s Personal Notes and Illustrations
  • Collection of Relics and Artifacts
  • Strange Coin Replica

You can see more information about them here at

So now that we see what we are getting let’s get it out.  I have been playing this game since day one.  I have enjoyed all aspects of the game.  All the stories, raids, pvp content that this game has had to offer.  I have greatly enjoyed the community as well.  But I do have a pet peeve in today’s game developer environment.

I mean why is it that I am going to have to rebuy the same content just to reap the new benefits. I mean I’m a loyal client but I guess after seeing companies like Blizzard just take advantage of their customers for $16 monthly plus paying full price for expansions with no breaks to the loyal end-user.  Game companies just gotta suck every drop they want from me. It’s like they know they already have their hooks in me so why give me more.  Its like everything else in this world it’s about getting more clients it’s not about keeping the existing client base.

Of course im gonna buy the collectors edition I’ll probably pre-order just for the hope that more is to come.  It’s just frustrating that this is how games are now.  It use to be as you achieved certain levels found certain things, you were rewarded with various outfits, skins, weapons, vehicles.  Something to make you stand out from the newer player.  Hell I can still log into my old game Anarchy online and there is loyalty rewards for the players that continue to play.  They still do this in other games. There are items that I have that the new guy can never get.

It’s also the arrogance of these companies.  They act straight up like the drug dealer down the block.  They know they got the goods, and they know you are going to want the fix.  They tell you what you want when you need to hear it.  And they string you along.

Lets be honest with ourselves these games are addictive.   I keep hearing Bungie telling me that the average Destiny player plays for 3 hours a day and sometimes more.  But what are we really getting out of this.  Everyday we log on and do the same quest, grind the same things.  We use to want more out of a game.  But that looks like the status quo in games today.

How will this change?  Will it change? Is there anything we can do?  What are your thoughts. Do you think we just don’t have the whole picture?

Hell who actually reads any of this.

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Oh Yeah Batman Arkham night comes out tomorrow.  I will be posting gameplay and story line on youtube starting out on a new channel check it out. Youtube Youtube Youtube

No Mans Sky new game coming ?????

No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy.

Well that’s the first line of The new game by Hello Games called “No Man’s Sky“.  It made its true debut announcement at E3 2015 (yes I know of the little snipps from the last couple years).  At first when watching the intro I was like yes “EVE” was being expanded.  Then I saw the title and some of the concepts and the only thing the 2 share are space and video games.

I love the concept of space exploration.  I grew up watching all the Star Trek shows and movies (not a Trekkie).  But what kid didn’t want to go into outer space.  There is something in our human nature that wants to know the unknown.  And this game claims to have a vast amount of galaxies, that have their own solar systems, that have their own planets.  Each unique no 2 alike.  From different landscapes, to vegetation, to lifeforms, and even technological advances.

This game hits the core of exploration, it’s not gonna be a shootem up base story line as far as we can tell. yes I know their will be an element of First person shooter, and yes there can even be space battles. But at its core it about finding something that no one else has found, and naming it.

My understanding so far is that you will need to gather materials, in various forms to trade for money, items, like ships and such. But who knows if they can be unique on the planet and lifeforms side of house how unique could they be with advancing in  this game.

That brings me to another point.  We have been groomed to grind to the next level, no more so than the past few years companies have started to take away the leveling aspect with a number and more about the skill  advancement.  I wonder which way No Mans Sky will go.  I like the aspect of Eve how they did this but not sure how or if something like that is going to play into this game.  I mean they are gonna have to adapt to a console style of play.  And in many instances that’s dumbing down the game.  Sorry consolers.

Now this is an MMO “Massive Multiplayer Online” game, but your going to have to “Stop thinking of No Mans Sky as a multiplayer game: (quote: Game Informer).  This is not gonna be the game where you and 20 of your buddies link up and start raiding worlds together.  It’s literally going to be in a Galaxy far far away.  You might actually find a real Yoda before you find your best friend in-game.  I mean take away internet and phone and find a random person in the middle of India while still in Wisconsin.  So can we survive in a world where we are not in direct contact with our close sphere of friends, can we live in this strange world with out them?

There is going to be lots to do and I for one can not wait.  Hello Games has said on their Facebook page that an announcement will be coming soon about a release date.  Just hope it’s not like Half Life 3, or FF VII I mean they did just finally announce a remake of that game (but again no release date).

But that’s just my two cents.  I really need a change in the gaming world and this looks like something that can suck the time out of my life.

Just the ramblings of an old man

Hell who actually reads any of this.

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Drinking and Destiny Raids

It seems to be a rising trend in todays gamers.  Well with the adults at least it is.  Especially if they live stream.  I’m guilty of this as well (well once).  I put it on the same level as drunk calling or drunk texting.

What I’m getting at is simple, is it ok?  I mean the negative affects are of course are once its out their you can never take it back.  Professional Image?  I mean we are playing video games after all.  Loosening up, becoming more real, or less stuck up maybe?

Last night for instance we were doing the Crotas End and Vault of Glass Raids in Destiny, and I can tend to be some what of a chat Nazi (Not sure why everybody goes to that term when describing what I do I’m just being direct I don’t need to hear your swallowing).  But I do get stressed when others are not paying attention in a raid and just die for no reason.  Well last night while the kiddos were away I had a couple of drinks while playing my favorite current game. What ensued next was hmmmmmm lest just go with fun.

I stared the night off with a drink called a Dirty Puerto Rican (Liquor 43, Milk, Cinnamon), thank you to all my Puerto Rican Friends. We kicked off the raid and of course I’m a light weight so 2 drinks in and im already loosing focus or more like I’m having a blast.  Were just all chatting it up, we brought some of our viewers into the raids, to go get them those coveted Lootz and stuff.

Crota went bye bye in a blink of an eye. NO issues and very smooth.  Now of course just a few weeks ago our guys and gals with Rest in Peace Noobs would run that raid more than a dozen times a week.

At the end of that raid my drink was empty by then so I cracked open a bottle of Cap’n Morgan Black spice rum and DR Pepper yeah yeah I know but I like it. Now on to Vault of Glass. We get through the vex gates, then we get to the confluxes and before i know it I asked someone what round we were on. Everybody seemed to tell me all at once that we were on the third round. After confirming we were in the third round, I realised I just committed a huge offense GWI (Gaming While Intoxicated).  I remember starting the raid then I remember finishing just not the middle, the how did I get here part.  Was a little unsettling but apparently it wasn’t that bad.  Yeah yeah we wiped a few times but i think it was more for the purpose of getting others in the raid.

So now were at the Templar and my squared away self at this time was “Hey I’ll run the relic”. Anybody who knows this game knows you need to be on your game when running the relic.  Well believe it or not I thought I was expert gamer at this point. No issues taking enemies out, or taking down oracles and wiping the floor with Templar.  It went so smooth to me that we did it on different characters for a second round.  You know trying to get these guys their Fatebringers.

We did fine and I’m sure I’ll be told later tonight that we wiped 100 times or so. But all I know is I had fun while we were at it.  Sure drinking is not for everybody and drinking should never be abused. But last night I let my walls down and opened up somewhat and had a blast.  I wasn’t all stuffy about it.

So how about you guys and gals what are your thoughts on gaming and drinking.

Just the ramblings of an old man

Hell who actually reads any of this.

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Destiny- Is the Hype Real !!!!!

I say this in Jest really but there are both their Pros and Cons.  What do I mean by this statement. Well from the Suggestions of Destiny (Project Tiger) way back in ’09 in “HALO 3” thru hints and rumors for the next few years. Bungie. Then in 2012 it looks like the cat was let out of the bag you could say.  It was said that 4 new games under Destiny’s title.  So your saying that for the what 5-6 years I have a developing story line with true growth?  I mean Games Like Halo did that, many games attempted that but after initial releases didn’t see enough growth for sequel let alone a third. Especially on Console.  I know games on PC that are over a decade old that because of Mods have continued their growth (valve). So a console with no mods is going to keep my attention.

So how has it stood up so far.


Now I am a Playstation player and i started on PS3.  And at first it was great.  I enjoyed the pot holed infused story line that left lots of questions.  But after the first week I had beat the story mode on 2 characters. I was left with repeating the same missions day in and day out with no real change.  I mean their was this end game raid called “Vault of Glass”  that had some really awesome weapons, but not enough online friends to join me.  I was just about to throw in the towel when my boys pointed out that that I could find groups to play with on Bungie.


It didnt take me long to find groups.  But  who was the right group.

I searched for Military groups, Adult groups, groups that would just have me, to landing with Dads of Destiny.  I was accepted immediately into the group and started playing with guys all of my age and even some older.  I mean this group was all about doing raids.  They were doing speed runs through the end game content already.  I was just nice to see a group of complete strangers be so helpful.  Some help needed less than others.  But guys like Ikrossconsole, Berrberick, Yukimura1991, GrimAzrael, Old_Sushi, they were more that just hey do this dont do that they were their out side of game.  Not in a stalker way but in a way to just lighten your day.

What I mean by this is you have so much fun in game, that when you log off it wasnt over.  Their were the forums on Bungie, Their was the Line chat app that I inadvertently turned everybody into little teenage gris with texting non-stop.  But with the forum by Playstation friends grew many came many left a a few solid players stayed.

First Expansion- The Dark Below

In December of 2014 Bungie released the Dark Below, it was game on. It was great new content ready to get on the way new strikes and a new raid. Dads of Destiny was all about raid groups and getting in their to get Crota. I enjoy raids but I really enjoy story content and  I was somewhat disappointed.  Not in the game as a whole but the story development. Our groups burnt through that story line in a matter of hours.  then it was onto the raid.  and the same old day in and day out of grinding the same old quest over and over. So where was I at. A week into release and we were already trying to kill crota.  Yes new loot is great but that’s every game.

I ended up grouping with a guy who I really don’t play with any more Custyj and he linked me up with a guy named Harry who started teaming with a guy named Supermann_J.  And it seemed every Tuesday at 3pm it was Game on.  And we got into a rythm, we kinda knew how each other played and who was stronger at shit (Super) and who wasn’t (Me).  But we were having a Blast.  Super and Harry joined another group Rest In Peace Noobs.  I stayed in Dads of Destiny but that didn’t stop us from raiding.  Super was really good at grasping a situation and just running with it Glitch or no glitch 🙂  And before you knew it we were the core three and we let another three tag along (go ahead Ninja Im just making myself sound good) so we could go knock down Crota.

Before you knew it a couple us progressed over to the PS4 and it was off to find more friends again.  We started running crota on 5 man raids then 4 then 3, 2 then eventually watching super solo the damn thing. (bungie why do you make a raid that can be soloed)

Second Expansion- The House of Wolves

Now in May I was super excited again.  Destiny was going in a different direction.  But something was missing no Raid!!!! what how can you not have a raid I just spend another 15 dollars on this and no raid you got to be kidding me huge fail I mean what else is their.  Well as much of a let down I thought their would be I was surprised.  Now the story more was still lacking we ran through all the stories on hard in No time just to go to the “Prison of Elders”.  This place that has 5 levels and the bosses and buffs and debuffs change every week.  and they add new stuff to them every week. ” I love Horde Mode I mean its not Gears of War but it was better than doing the same 8-10 missions every day. Trials of Osiris was another welcomed change.  I mean it was sort of like iron banner with exclusive rewards but on a much greater skill.  Things like if you can go 9-0 matches you get to go to Mercury and get to open a special chest.  That is probably some of the funnest PVP that I have played in some time.

Destiny 2- The Taken King(Third Expansion)

Now of course I wish September was tomorrow and its not. Their are some great things on the Horizon.  New sub classes, I mean who doesn’t want Jedi Lightning Powers (yes I know if was Sith), or shoot a Hunter with a Bow.  And we cant forget a new RAID!!!!!!!!! 

Is the Hype Real   YES it is

what ever complaints we have we have to agree that Bungie is doing a great job at listening to the community.  Getting to bugs fast and trying to resolve glitches as soon as they develop.  Although that is some of the fun finding an alternate way, its not cheating its being a progressive thinker.  I see a bright future in this game and even though I have experienced many aspects of this game, Im shown new stuff everyday.  Both ingame and out of game.  The community continues to build, and as it does I will continue to stream and blog about what ever is on my mind.

Hell who actually reads any of this.

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Thinking of the future

So as I sit here in the doctors office typing away on my Galaxy Note waiting to go into my 1 o’clock apointment 40 mins late, I can’t help but think of all the games I want to play, all the gadgets I want to use.  I mean in like 7 days Batman Arkham Knight will be out and I will have to set alarms to remind me to go to sleep, eat, and remember that their are other people I’m my life.

I’m really considering buying a second ps4 for my kids so we can play together.  I’m working out kinks on my stream and just be flooded with tons of things I want to do.  And I’m excited about what’s on my plate. From really delving into youtube and content creation. To finding a team of individuals that have like interest in podcasting and discussing current an future of gaming.

I mean with what the top manufactures and software developers unveiled this week at e3. I’m just elated, but frustrated at the same time.

I enjoy gaming but I’m still lacking the community I had in pc gaming that I haven’t gotten to in consoles yet.  Got a good bunch of lads and ladies in The group Rest in Peace noob and the guys over at Dad’s of Destiny (get a ps4 already they know who they are).

But for the next week a lot of prepping to start rolling out content starting next week and managing my gaming time. So many games so little time.

Shoot I haven’t even bought borderlands yet for ps4.

Hell who actually reads any of this.

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The Frustrations of an Avid Gamer

Well I write this with a general frustration with some gamers today. I mean 20 years ago shoot 10 years ago when I would log into my favorite MMO and play with a group of internet friends (strangers really well at the time) we had goals.  I mean we played the game for fun and yes it got repetitive but you still had goals.

Now what do I mean by this.  Simply put when 40 people would like up to go into molten core in World of Warcraft each person knew they had a roll.  You had your tanks and they knew their jobs.  Yes from time to time you would get new tanks and their would be a moment of trial and error but eventually they would get it or you would relegate them to another task.

In todays games your casual gamer thinks its ok to spend hours on end an continually do the same things that wipe  your team out.  I know all game need to have a level of challenge, but with the age of YouTube Users are going to straight diving in because they saw something work vs using strategy.  Not understanding that the team that used that strategy and put it on the web took a lot of time to work out the kinks.  Your not going to be able to just run in their your first time and get it done.

It seems that today’s Generation feels entitled.  Just because you have the same game, gear, and someone means you’re the same level of player.  take time enjoy your game don’t rush through to the end.  After watching the E-3 conference over the past couple days I hae grown to miss the old content the long story development.  I hoping it make a come back.

From and old Frustrated Gamer im coming for you squeekers.

Hell who actually reads any of this.

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E3 2015 is Here

Well today 15 June 2015 many a folk flocked to Los Angels to attend E3. If your not familiar with this show. Its a multiday even where leading tech and game developers role out there upcoming progects and releases. And this year the the top 2 concoles came out for blood trying to grab that crown as king console.


Early this morning around 10 am or so Microsofts XBOX took the stage. And for the nex 1.5 hours they blew our minds away. I mean out side of games they are pushing their consoles just leeps and bounds into the future. I mean besides hooking up with Oculus RIft to give us a VOR headset and a freaking Holographic projection system the hololens.Oculus rift + Xbox one HoloLens Windows 10 E3 2015 (Microsoft Press Conference) HD

I mean I have never really been interested in Minecraft

I mean they crushed it.

If that was not enough they tore down the boundries and unveiled that XBOX one is now Backwards compatible.  You can play all those xbox 360 titles. (think im gonna buy up all the old  games at Game stop while their a dollar).


Well Sony got to cap off the day and they had some boots to fill.  I mean Im still thinking about xbox and im a playstation player.  Sony unveiled some awesome projects that have been years in the making.

The Last Guardian

Horizon Zero Dawn (Robot Dinosaurs are you freaking kidding me Preorder here I come)

And 10 years over due.  Final Fantasy is real and we got a video.

Its not a reboot, its not a remastered vs of 16 bit gaming. Its latest graphics and oh man where is


I mean no release date so if lucky its a winter 2016-17 at best but oh man

Sony also talked about the Morphius and I was happy about that but I think Xbox hit it with the halolens.

With taht said Im ready to see what tomorrow brings.  What about you guys. Leave your comments down below. As always game and game well, cya soon.

Hell who actually reads any of this.

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New Rig Let the Fun Begin

Well this has been an awesome week for many reasons. Finished a huge project at work, Kids all moved on to the next grade (Proud Dad), and new Computer Rig came in the mail.

Now the week got started off right my new Capture card going from the Elgato HD 60 to the Avermedia Live Gamer HD. For me this wa an upgrade since streaming through OBS on a MAC with an elgato seemed impossible.  Now of course trying to do anything on a  4 year old mac trying to do aan external capture and stream to twitch through OBS was probably asking a little much.  So I lightly suggested to my wife that I hadn’t upgrade our PC in some time and with that so started the process.

Now the previous week I spent researching AMD Intel, I5 I7, new I7 4 core or I7 6 core, what ram what monitors.  The list whih I thought was going to be a peice of cake turned out to be a Mount St. Everest amount of information.  So between New egg, Amazon, and Various other sites I ended going with CyberPower PC since other streamers had used their services and with the extra discount they had the best prices.  It seemed every time i turned the corner their was more information.

So in thinking to myself a person that has been out of the computer build for over 8 years is  thinking ” I just need waht 1080 HD”  Oh how nieve I was.  The very first person to show interest in what I was doing had all sort of opinions like, “Are you going with 4k ultras, IPS, regular”.  I of course was thinking I am going to go with the best and 3 4k ultras it was, I mean how expensive can they be.  Well after searching all night and not finding my back account to be bottomless I decided on not spending 1200 Plus on 4k Ultra monitors so I decided to go with IPS monitors.  I ended up going with 2 of the ASUS VS248H-P 24″ 2ms HDM Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitors.  They look great and at the time I bought them when they had them on special.

So I spent about a week building a PC with various specs from the advise of some pretty interesting Youtubers My favorite Joker Productions Check him out great Benchmark and reviews of tech and games.

Almost everyday another package comes in from amazon, Newegg, Walmart even but no computer.  I mean I paid for Rush Build and rush ship and well Ill jsut say that if you want thing to be rushed order on a monday not a wednesday.  Well the weekend came and went no PC on monday I got an email saying I will have it wednesday.  I was so excited. while at work on wednesday I’m waiting for the phone call saying its home come play with me.  No luck UPS had a mix up it was gonna be another day.

FRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUstration at this point.  So of course nobody can do anyting to get my precious peice of hardware.  The next day comes and I get a text from my daughter saying my package arrived.  I wrap up everything from work and go home to find this huge package.  And what do I see right up front.  A huge dent on the side of the box. My mind starting going crazy, I started feeling physically ill at this point.  So I took a whole bunch of pictures you know just in case.    Well all was not lost.  I took the package to a nice open area and opened it up to only find that Cyberpowerpc went over and above with packaging (Thank God).

And on thursday 11 June 2015 we welcomed into our lives our new member of our family (Just a little mental).  He weighed in at a Ton of Tech.

To include the following:

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Gaming Full Tower Case w/ Dual 200mm Fans

MSI X99S GAMING 7 ATX w/Killer GbLAN, 4x Gen3 PCIe x16, 2 PCIe x1, 1x M.2, 8x SATA

CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i7-5820K Six-Core 3.30GHz 15MB Intel Smart Cache LGA2011-V3

16GB (4GBx4) DDR4/2800MHz Quad Channel Memory (Corsair Vengeance LPX)

MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G 4GB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x16 (Was gonna get 2 but then the gtx 980ti came out christmas is only a little ways away)

256GB SANDISK + 3TB SATA III Hard Drive Combo [+134] (Combo Drive)

850 Watts – Corsair RM850 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Fully Modular Ultra Quiet Power Supply

And of course a whole lot of other goodies.

So all in all the process was a little more than what I thought it was going to be.  But now its set up to have some fun.  Ready to get the podcast going and the reviews going.  This has just added a whole new level of interest to gaming.  Im all giddy.  So stay tune for more.

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Welcome to Bishops Gamez

Well  Long Long Ago…..

Well 18 years ago to be exact a buddy of mine introduced me to a game called Anarchy ONLINE.  From that point on I be game lost in the world of gaming.  I grew up building computers at a young age and always had my hand on the programming side of things.  But gaming well we all know where that went.  I’ve done it all:

Gamer, Greeter, Operations, Bug Tester, GM.

Ive played , Anarchy Online, WOW, Guild Wars, Everquest 1 and 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy, Starcraft, warcraft, tons of FPS, and RPGs, to currently playing Destiny on PS4.

I enjoy the community that Gaming presents to me and people like me.  Now over the past 18 years I have done th binge playing, rage quitting, the I can make the world better.  But in the end it comes down to just wanting to enjoy the game.

Im divide my time between consolde and PC now and they both have their pluses and minuses.

With this site I want to add to my gaming lifestyle and I its my hope to grow and build relationships along the way and I build this community.  From getting back into Adobe and relearding that (Although I wasn’t great at it before), to capturing game footage and making videos and posting on youtube, to having open PODCASTs with my fellow gamers, Im hoping to learn from this.

With a Supporting Wife and Kids, Im in it for the experience and share my trials and successes along the way.

Stay Tune for more to come

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